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Frequently asked questions...

Is it easy to book?

At Hoot, we like to keep it easy. Simply locate the live band or act that you are interested in on our website (we suggest that you shortlist 2 or 3 favorites). Then either drop us an email using the online enquiry form, or give us a call and we can talk through your requirements.

From here, the team at Hoot Entertainment will be able to provide you with Free impartial advice not only about the acts on our roster, but also about the process from the initial quotation, through to confirming the contracts, booking your act and ensuring that your event goes off with a Hoot!

Do I need to organize a P.A and lighting?

Hiring a venue without a P.A or lighting? Or need something with a bit more oomph!

Great news, leave it to us! – The live bands and acts that Hoot Entertainment promote, all have their own P.A most of which is suitable for venues holding up to approximately 350 guests. What’s more, the majority of these acts also have their own lighting rig.

For events where dramatic lighting and louder P.A is required, give the team at Hoot a call, and let us specify and arrange a suitable audio and visual feast to suit your environment!

Does a band take long to set up & sound check?

Depending on the number of members in the act that you have booked, and the ease of access to the venue a good rule of thumb is to allow 1 hour.

What will the band / live act wear?

Prior to the performance, Hoot Entertainment will liaise with your act to ensure that they are aptly attired for their performance in-line with agreements made with yourself prior to the event.

What is ‘PAT Testing’?

Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT for short) is a term used for testing electrical appliances to ensure that they are safe to use. It is quite normal that venues request confirmation that the Live Band / Acts equipment has passed. Should the venue require proof for your event, please ensure that you let us know at least 8 weeks prior, so that your ‘Artist’ can ensure valid certification is provided.

What about the acts Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

All ‘Artists’ that appear on the Hoot Entertainment website are advised to undertake a minimum of £1,000,000 public liability insurance. Should the venue require proof for your event, please ensure that you let us know at least 8 weeks prior, so that your ‘Artist’ can ensure valid certification is provided.

What is a sound limiter and how will it effect my day?

A sound limiter is also known as an environmental noise control system. For many venues across the UK a sound limiter is installed to prevent noise pollution, to enable the venue to grant an entertainment license.

Should the venue of your choice utilize a sound limiter, prior to booking a live band we advise that you speak to the venues events coordinator to find out if they have had live acts playing there before – particularly those with a live drummer or similar to the act you are planning on booking.

In the majority of cases Hoot Entertainment have found that most live bands can still play within the restrictions of a sound limiter without the overall quality of sound or the events ambience being compromised.

Will there be music between and before sets?

As well as enjoying your favorite live entertainment from Hoot, why not indulge by creating your very own playlist of dance floor fillers on your MP3/ iPod / iPhone – great for simply hitting play before, after or in between set lists!

Short of time? Or unsure what tunes your audience may want? Feel free to take advantage - most of our acts usually have a pre-mixed playlist, great for filling the gaps and keeping the night alive at weddings, birthdays and other party events!

Can a band / my chosen act learn my favorite song?

Most people have a special song that they would love to be performed at an event. Be it for a first dance for the newlyweds, music to walk down the aisle to or the end of the party show stopper, if you have a particular request, most or our acts will be able to learn and perform your song live at the event for no additional fee. All you have to do is pick the song a couple of months before the event and let Hoot arrange the rest!

Do I need to provide the artists with refreshments?

More often or not, many of our live entertainment acts have travelled long distances to arrive to the event location – often departing mid morning to perform in the evening. Hoot Entertainment requests that the ‘Client’ provides the ‘Artist’ with adequate refreshments throughout their stay at the performance venue. This should include soft drinks and a hot meal or buffet for all members of the act and their party.

What if the artist/ band or member of the band can't make it on the day?

Wherever possible the ‘Artist’ will utilize the line-up as represented to the ‘Agent’ and ‘Client’, unless the need arises to substitute a performer due to unforeseen circumstances. Should a band member become unavailable the ‘Artist’ will provide a ‘Dep’ performer to cover all eventualities.

Bands often have a number of backup musicians for this kind of scenario that they work with regularly, this helps ensure that their reputation is maintained by using a ‘Dep’ performer with the equivalent ability and understanding of how the ‘Artist’ is to be portrayed, to that of the ‘unavailable member’.

In the unlikely event that your chosen band is unable to attend, Hoot Entertainment will endeavor to find a suitable replacement or offer a full refund at your request.

Are there any hidden extras outside the price quoted?

At Hoot Entertainment, we like to operate with a crystal clear pricing policy. Therefore our quotations are inclusive of all fees, including but not limited to artists travel time, costs, reasonable out of pocket expenses and relevant tax if applicable.

Cant find the answer to your question?

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